SeaAira Lounge Chair w/arms Construction by Finch’s Windy Valley WoodworksTampa patio furniture sale near me by Finch Windy Valley Woodworks

SeaAira lounge chairs with arms by Finch’s Windy Valley Woodworks feature an aluminum-supported floating frame. “Made in the USA,” each piece is put together by hand with rust-resistant 316 grade stainless steel fasteners and mortis & tenon joinery. Clever construction to say the least!

The result? This poly lumber gets the normal contraction and expansion that it needs.

The benefit? Guaranteed structural stability.

In addition, along with profiled edges, Finch hides 95% of the screw-heads it uses in assembly. This produces a surface free of unsightly and uncomfortable objects. Thanks to these screws fastening either behind or on the underside of each piece, there is no more attractive outdoor furniture product on the market today.

Weather Resistant Lounge Chairs

When it comes to handling nature’s elements, Finch outdoor patio furniture is incredibly durable and will outlast all that the sun, heat, sand, salt, heavy winds, and even blizzard conditions might throw its way. You won’t find damage caused by termites, rodents, worms, or marine parasites, either.

While wood and metal outdoor chairs mold and rust over time, these poly wood products will not absorb moisture. In fact, they make for great pool furniture!

As far as maintenance is concerned, you need not worry about painting or staining these durable outdoor patio furniture pieces anytime soon.

Simpy put, Finch patio furniture is built to last for years to come.

20-Year Residential/5-Year Commercial Limited WarrantyOutdoor patio furniture near me with a limited warranty by Finch

Finch expresses confidence in your long-term satisfaction with a 20-Year Residential/5-Year Commercial Limited Warranty.

Valid from the date of sale, Finch’s warranty covers all but the following:  damage caused by unauthorized service/repair or normal wear and tear on materials.

Please note, this warranty becomes void with alteration, abuse, or any attempt to use the products in a manner or for a purpose other than for which it is intended. (Full Warranty Info)

Outdoor Furniture That’s Eco-Friendly

Using 100% recycled plastic in all of its patio furniture sets is a staple practice for Finch. They extend their stewardship of our planet’s resources in other eco-friendly ways, too. Most noteworthy, the waste they produce during the manufacturing process is recycled into other products. Each hand-crafted piece won’t bleed or leech carcinogens or toxins, either. Consequently, this “green” approach to building top quality outdoor furniture makes Finch sustainable for years to come.

Choose from a Rainbow of Colors

Your outdoor living space is a great place to get creative. As such, color selection plays a large role in that process. To assist, Finch offers its poly wood products in 20 stunning colors. With so many options, there’s sure to be one that fits for your personal style, home, or business.

Adirondack beach chairs poly wood colors

“Feel The Difference Of Finch”

Throughout the country, owners of SeaAira chairs enjoy a comfortable seating experience.

No splinters or screws tearing your clothing when you sit down or stand back up.

No broken pieces that have eroded away due to being left outside for long periods of time.

Just relaxation.

Place your order today and transform the look and feel of your home’s outdoor space with the best outdoor furniture on the market today.

Choose Finch and feel the difference for yourself.

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  • Manufacturer/Collection: Finch/SeaAira
  • Construction: Aluminum Frame Reinforcement | 316 grade stainless steel fasteners | Mortis & Tenon Joinery | Profiled Edges | Minimal Face Screws
  • Dimensions: 70.5" l x 22" w x 38.75' h
  • Order Lead Time: 4 weeks or less